Kent Pride: The Most Economical Water Purifier for Purifying Municipal Water

Kent has made its name in the water purifier market by providing us with the most sophisticated machines to purify brackish, municipal water and even tap water without any kind of hassle. Kent Pride is one of the exciting creations from this brand. Kent Pride has everything that you would need from a water purifier. It is economical and provides 100% pure water. Kent Pride is ideal for a small or medium sized household and is very cost effective.

Here is a comprehensive water purifier review of Kent Pride:

Mineral RO Technology:

Kent has a patented Mineral RO technology that is installed in all its RO purifiers. This technology is also installed in Kent Pride. With the help of this mineral RO technology that has a TDS controller installed in it, the purifier retains all the essential natural minerals that come in the water and only discards impurities like Calcium and Magnesium hard salts. TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids and TDS Controller keeps track of the TDS value of the water. This way, Kent Pride keeps a check on the hardness of water and the fact that the water is drinkable. Due to this technology, you get 100% tasty and safe drinking water.

Double Purification:

Kent Pride isn’t just an RO purifier. It also has UF filtration. This means that almost all impurities above 0.3 microns of size are removed from drinking water. These impurities are chemicals, salts, viruses, bacteria etc. With the help of the UF filter, all the impurities that were left from the RO purifier are captured by the UF membrane and removed from the water making sure that the drinking water is 100% pure. This means that you don’t have to worry about waterborne diseases as all the waterborne viruses and bacteria are taken care of by the UF membrane and RO filter.

High Purification and Storage Capacity:

As Kent Pride is a wall mounted water purifier, it needs some kind of storage so that the user gets continuous supply of pure water. Thus, Kent Pride has up to 8 Liters of storage tank attached to its wall mounted structure. The storage capacity doesn’t take much time to be filled up as the purification capacity of Kent Pride’s RO and UF system has a high purification rate as well. The system can purify up to 15 Liters per hour and the purification starts as soon as the level of the storage goes down. This way, the user gets 24/7 supply of pure drinking water.

Top Quality Certifications:

Kent Pride is one of the best purifiers that have been tested and certified by the world’s most renowned quality and performance laboratories. Few of these are WQA USA, WQA India, ISI India and NSF USA. These achievements speak for themselves. They make Kent Pride a trusted and reliable RO purifier, which is trusted by millions and certified by top laboratories as well.

Convenient Size and Easy Installation:

Kent Pride is ideally designed such that it isn’t bulky and can easily be installed in a normal sized kitchen. A qualified technician comes and installs the system at your house and after installation you don’t have do any kind of extra work to get pure water. Just switch the purifier on and keep the water supply running for the storage tank to be filled up with water.

The simple and elegant design of Kent Pride and its efficient and quick function makes it one of the best RO purifiers in the market. Kent Pride costs just INR 16,500 making it affordable and the best to be installed in home.


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